Botolinium treatment in Islamabad

Do you want to have Botox treatment in Islamabad. Do you find it difficult to chose a doctor. Please read these facts first.

We pride to provide this procedure by the best Dermatologist in Islamabad

1: Its the most popular treatment in cosmetic world.
2: Its one of the safest treatment with almost negligible side effects.
3: It is used to freeze your muscles for 4-6 months which helps your wrinkles
4: It can be done in 15 minutes as an office procedure.
5: There are different of Botulinium toxin but most common around the world are Botox, Azzalure and Xeomin.

6: There is no downtime after the procedure and one can go straight to work after the procedure.
7: It can also be used for excessive sweating in armpits, palm etc.
8: It is used by Neurologist for migraine, and chronic pain as well.
9: Its is derived from a bacteria
10: Botox generally lasts for 4-6 months and then one has to repeat the procedure.

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