biologics treatment

Injection for Psoriasis

Do you know that currently there are injectable treatment for Psoriasis. So far Psoriasis is treated mostly with creams and tablets like Ciclosporin, Methotrexate and Acitretin. However in last two decades with introduction of biologics, treatment for Psoriasis has improved.

Biologics are injection prepared via bioengineering technology used in various disease but most commonly in skin, joints and others. They work by blocking the proteins produced by this disease hence clearing of the disease.

However there are facts one has to remember.

1: They have to be used until the disease is present. They are not one shot treatment as portrayed by many dermatologist to many patients in Islamabad and Pakistan. As long as the disease is present one has to have these injections.

2: They are not without side effects. However with careful monitoring before and during treatment those side effects can be avoided.

3: Of course they are expensive however with new biosimilars(biologics but made by a different company after expiry of license of patent of parent company) coming into market the prices are going down slowly.

4: These injection would need constant monitoring with regular visits to the dermatologist.

5: With time some people develop resistance to the injection and then another biologic would need to introduced.

Since its introduction 2 decades ago most patient feel that their life is transformed since they started a biologic. In majority of cases there is more than 90% of clearance of disease. It is the most advanced and most effective way of disease modification of Psoriasis as well.

As a skin specialist in Islamabad, Dr Ghazanfar Ali has vast experience in using biologics safely. He has monitored more than one thousand patients in Biologic clinics in in various Hospital in NHS England.

It is important to remember that Biologic is the best treatment for Psoriasis by a trained and experienced dermatologist in this field. On the contrary it is perhaps a possible lethal injection in the hands of novice and untrained dermatologist.