Botox and filler by the best dermatologist in Islamabad

Have you ever wondered whom to go to if it comes to getting fillers or Botox? It is indeed so difficult to choose. You know why! Because there are many doctors claiming to be dermatologists but they are not…. Yes that’s true especially in Islamabad. Getting¬†Botox and filler by the best dermatologist in Islamabad is a difficult job to achieve. But not after you read below because we are giving you the best tips today and make this job easy for you.

I am writing this small article to create awareness about cosmetic procedures and their complications. Botox and fillers are the two most common procedures in the cosmetic world. Botox is generally a very safe procedure however fillers can have complications at times. It is of utmost importance to choose your dermatologist in Islamabad wisely.

I have seen many complications arising from fillers injected in different clinics of Islamabad by untrained professionals. It is extremely important to ask for complete training details and qualifications of the medic. Many spas and salons are offering these procedures very commonly in Islamabad. However, the problem arises when a patient gets complications. Ultimately untrained professionals are not capable of dealing with those complications. Even they are not aware of how to avoid them in the first instance because they do not have background knowledge of human skin and its anatomy.

Choose your doctor wisely and it is your right to ask for his and her qualifications and experience. Most of the time a doctor would claim to have been trained in dermatology but unfortunately, his/her training would not be more than a couple of weeks. That’s the case in majority of circumstances.Remember such clinicians would be giving wrong advice, will choose the wrong product, and will have a higher complication rate.

Botox and filler treatment in Islamabad

Why so many complications of skin procedures in Islamabad?

Comparing my clinical practice in Islamabad versus United Kingdom, complications rates from different cosmetelogical procedures are more in Islamabad. The main cause for this problem is less training and no rules in the wild world of cosmetology practice.

Why Dr. Ghazanfar Ali is a dermatologist for Botox and fillers in Islamabad?

There are many reasons why should choose him as your dermatologist in Islamabad. He is the best-trained person in skin diseases in Islamabad. His patients rate him highly. As a competent dermatologist, he is actively training other doctors in the United Kingdom to become skin specialists. His is an active speaker in different International Conferences. He has good reputation in the diplomatic circle of Islamabad.