Complications of fillers

As a dermatologist in Islamabad I am seeing problems associated with fillers performed by poorly trained doctors. This problem is growing due to more and more use of fillers for various reasons.
Complications from fillers is a rare phenomenon however there is always associated risks like any other procedure. As an informed patient one should be aware of its risks before considering any such procedure.
There is always a chances of bruising, bleeding, and pain during this procedure.
As this is foreign substance which can cause allergic reaction which may be acute or late onset chronic.
It cause lumpiness which is due to granuloma formation. Some times re activation of infection like herpes can occur as a rare complication.
Some times when filler is placed very superficially it can cause tyndall effect which present as a bluish discolouration under the skin.
It can cause  bio film which again is a type of bacterial infection very resistant to treatment.
Granuloma can also cause lumpiness, tenderness and redness.
More rarely and so far only 50 cases of blindness are also reported due to placement of filler in arteries. This is always due to poor technique.

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