Dark circles is a common problem both in men and women. It normally starts from 4th decade.

It gives you face an aged look even you don’t feel aged! One has to understand its causes before discussing treatment.

Skin Thining: Skin is very thin in that area so with ageing it becomes more thinner as a result veins in the background are visible. It gives bluish tinge to the surface as a dark circle.Dermatitis or eczema will leave dark pigment in that area as a result it present as a dark circle.Fat slipping under eyes can result in bulging and worsening of the dark circles.There are numerous other causes for this problems as well.

We deal with dark circles in more scientific way. Dr Ghazanfar Ali being best skin specialist in Islamabad, we offer solution to this problem in a way which can help you achieve better and long lasting results.

We are more geared towards results which are evidence based, result oriented and avoid procedures which offer no results.

We offer topical creams, Laser and Energy Based devices, fillers and other treatment for this very common problem.

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