Infantile Haemangioma

Infantile haemangioma is non cancerous growth of blood vessels wall cells( endothelial cells). They start appearing after or during first month of life, continue to grow till sixth to ninth month of life and then starts to regress( involute) after nine month, in majority of cases.

Most of these haemangiomas are non problematic and disappear on their own however some can become problematic due to their size and location on the body. Haemangiomas on the face, around the lips can interfere with feeding hence there is a need for earlier intervention. Similarly if they occur around the eyes then early intervention is indicated as eye sight can be impaired. However having said that, most don’t need any treatment but close observation.

Recently Beta-Blockers are discovered out of serendipity for the treatment of haemangioma. They can be given orally and creams are also available for their treatment. Lotions are also trialled as a treatment options. Previously oral steroids were the mainstay of treatment. Laser and plastic surgery are other options available.

Most parents are extremely worried when such lesions are seen. However Dr Ghazanfar who is best skin specialist in Islamabad has special expertise in management of these conditions. We try to avoid use of un- necessary medications. He has trained in Sheffield children Hospital as Paediatric dermatology Registrar. We endeavour to help you and will try to answer all your questions.