Acne and its treatment

Active acne has multiple treatments. However in terms of tablet treatment Isotretinoin which is artificial Vitamin A is proving to be the best treatment. It has emerged as one of the most effective treatment for active acne. However this drug does not help with acne scars.

However due to its side effects and unfortunately some bad press, most patients tends to be afraid of taking this medicine.

As a dermatologist I like this medicine as it has proven to be more effective than any other treatments available in the market including many devices. Most important factor in prescribing this medicine to remember is not to get pregnant. This is a teratogenic medicine. Teratogenic medicines are those medicines which caused birth defects in babies if they are taken during pregnancy. It is also not suitable for women who are breast feeding either.

I am slightly careful in prescribing this medicine to those patient who has active depression or previous severe depression as in very minority of patients this drug is reported to worsen depressive symptoms.

Other common problems are liver function abnormality which becomes normal after stopping Oratane/Accutane. My patients tends to be having only one major problem of dryness of skin, lips, eyes and nose. All these side effects of this medicine improve with use of any chap stick, and moisturisers.

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