RF or CO2 laser? Which one to choose?

Lasers have become cornerstone of acne scars treatment. I strongly advise my patients to treat acne very much in initial phase before it becomes problematic leaving scars. Once scared, then treatment depends on either lasers/RF or other treatments.
Most recently RF devices has transformed acne scars treatment. Thats is because it does not leave any post inflammatory marks. Its the best machine for all types of skin including dark skin as well. Secondly there is little down time hence wen can get this procedure done in office break time as well. As compared to CO2 laser and other lasers there are far less complications.
We are offering Radiofrequency treatment for many other reasons in our clinic in very safe way.
We are the experts in management of acne scars in Islamabad. Dr Ghazanfar Ali provides consultancy services to UK and Australian High commission in Islamabad, The German Embassy, Brazilian embassy and The EU. Our name is a trusted brand in health services in Islamabad.

We pride ourselves in providing ethical and most advance services. He is among the top and most respected dermatologist and skin specialist in Islamabad