Skin cancer in Pakistan


Melanoma in Pakistan

Melanoma of skin

Skin malignancy is a common problem in Pakistan. Diagnoses of skin cancer is changing issue in healthcare. We see skin cancer in our clinics now and then. I’m always coming across wrong diagnosis of skin cancer by many health practitioners. This is a common issue and needs attention.

Basal Cell cancer

Most commonly I see Basal cell cancer, which is the most common form of skin cancer. It presents as a non-healing and ulcerating lesion. Most commonly it affects sun exposed parts of the body. It can easily be diagnosed with a simple biopsy or one can remove this type of skin cancer in the first attempt. Luckily this type of skin cancers do not spread to other parts of the body.

Squamous type of skin cancer

Secondly, I see squamous cell type of skin cancer. UV light over exposure is the main reason for causation of this skin cancer . However this type of skin cancer is slightly more aggressive than Basal cell cancer.

Melanoma skin cancer in Pakistan

Lastly melanoma is another type of skin cancer. It is the most aggressive type of skin cancer. There are multiple factors which causes melanoma. We see this types of skin cancer not very frequently in Pakistan. However there is a minority of population in the north of Pakistan, who are over exposed to sunshine and has type 1 or type 2 skin. This kind of skin is of Caucasian origin and is at more risk of getting melanoma.

Diagnosis and treatment of melanoma is a big challenge in Pakistan. There is no dedicated skin cancer treatment Centre in Pakistan. Hence once difficult skin cancer is diagnosed then treatment becomes a big problem. Fortunately we have Dr Ghazanfar Ali who has worked in one of the busiest units in skin cancer in the UK. He possesses full expertise in managing all these conditions. He is already providing these services to the diplomatic community in Islamabad.