Open pores  and its treatment in Pakistan

open pores on skin

Open pores is a lay man term to describe a common problem of facial skin in the world of Dermatology and skin aesthetics. There is significant number of patients suffering from this problem. This problem do not occur as a single problem but mostly occurring in combination of other skin problems.

    So what do you mean by Open pore?

Basically its enlargement of the sweat glands due to multiple reasons. Open pores gives uneven and rough texture to facial skin. It affects confidence. Skin looks aged with this condition.  This condition can occur in fairly young person like in mid twenties as well.

            What causes open pores?

There are multiple causes of open pores. Ageing, excessive exposure to sunlight with excessive oil production causes increase in size of pores. However some other reasons like females sex, genetic causes, and mild dandruff (seborrhoea) are all contributing towards this common problem.

                   Treatment of Open pores in Islamabad

To be honest not single modality of treatment has proven to be completely effective in clearing this problem. It is very important to avoid sunshine and use plenty of sunblock. This helps in preventing further damage to the skin from UV light.

Use regular moisturiser and Vit-A based creams can help to a certain extent. However so far micro needling with RF help most in this problem. RF deliver energy to the level hence shrinking of the pores with its rejuvenating mode of action.

Who can effectively treat open pores in Islamabad and why?

Dr Ghazanfar Ali has special interest in Aesthetic medicine. He has the appropriate expertise and skills to clear open pores by using RF devices. He is considered to be the best dermatologist in Islamabad.

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