It is a very common condition of skin. In this condition cheeks become red and blushed all the time. Patient gets a burning sensation with flushing on occasional basis. It is mostly involving women but less common in men. It is easily mistaken for facial dermatitis and steroids are used which makes the condition more worse, though it gets better initially.

It is mainly due to abnormal blood vessels in the skin which gets dilated( enlarged in dimeter) due to some triggers. Most commonly cheeks are involved but can affect forehead, chin and even eyes.

UV light is the main trigger for causing this problem. However in Pakistani patients one of the emerging cause is use of Facial creams for whitening. Unfortunately they contain steroids which gives temporary relief and improvement of facial tone and brightening but in chronic use Rosacea is the ultimate problem.

Other common triggers for this problem are drinking hot liquids, exposure to cold and hot sunshine, eating very hot food with chillies etc.

There are different stages for this condition as it starts with only redness then develops acne like lesions and subsequently one gets a boggy nose called Rhinophyma.

There are different ways to treat this condition starting from use of topical creams to oral tablet, skin surgery and lasers.


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