scarlet-s microneedling device


Scarlet S (Radio frequency device)

At Islmabaddermatologist.com we are introducing latest Scarlet-S machine with much superior results than normal older Scarlet RF device.

One of the best treatment for acne scars is via radio frequency devices. It is almost painless and offers the most effective treatment for acne scar, large facial pores and skin tightening. Almost zero down time this office based procedure does not need you to take time off from office. One can get the procedure performed during lunch break.

How does it work?

With the help of golden tipped, very tiny needles it delivers radio frequency energy to the skin at dermis. As a result collagen and elastic fibres remodels and tightens the skin. Similarly it helps acne scars and enlarged pores. It improves the texture of skin with significant decrease in wrinkles and skin is rejuvenated.

Scarlet vs laser

Scarlet delivers energy deep in the skin excluding upper surface of the skin hence there is little chance of skin damage or hyper pigmentation. It is a very gentle and forgiving machine especially out new Scarlet-S is much superior than its predecessor which was Scarlet. The number of needles have decreased in the new tip used in Scarlet-S but more energy is delivered in the dermis making it ideal machine to lift your skin and improve your skin texture.

Any side effects?

Practically none… only mild redness lasting for 3-4 hours.  Yes that it…

Any pain?

Anaesthetic gel is applied before hand making the procedure practically pain free. However have said that pain threshold is different is different people. Generally it is famous as a pain free procedure.

How many sessions?

Generally 2-5 sessions are required depending upon your skin condition.

Whom to consult?

Please do visit a clinic with expertise in management of skin conditions. At Islamabad dermatology clinic Dr Ghazanfar Ali is one of the best dermatologist in Pakistan. His expertise includes working with different lasers. All his experience is from abroad. His skin office offers best skin solutions from the techniques he learned in his training in London, Norwich, Sheffield and Edinburgh.


Please contact Dr Ghazanfar Ali clinic at 

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