Glutathione injection which are famous as skin whitening injection have become a major cosmetic procedure in Pakistan. It has gained its popularity after being used by a lot of media celebrities. It is marketed by different names in Pakistan.

There are important question always asked by my patients and I wanted to share it with you so you become an informed patients.

1: What is Glutathione?

It is a strong anti oxidant consisting of three small proteins (cysteine, glyceine and glutamate) which helps to repair different cells in the body. Its a co-factor as well and has major role in early detoxification in liver. Hence in cirrhosis its levels are very low. It has unproven role in DNA synthesis and protein and amino acid transport.

How does it work in skin?

Important question is does it really work in skin? or it just help with skin tone? Does it make me more light skinned?Perhaps to some extent yes.  As it is an anti oxidant thus it replenishes anti oxidant stores in the body which shift skin dark melanin( dark pigment in the skin) production to light melanin production. Hence one get mild change in skin tone and feels replenished.

Does it cause any side effects?

Yes… no medicine is without any side effects. As this is artificially produced substance which is injected into a vein thus has side effects.  One has to get basic blood tests performed and repeated at regular intervals to make sure that there is no kidney or liver damage as there are small minority of reports suggesting some patients had these problems arising from Glutathione injection use.



It varies on the brand, types and dosage used.

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