Laser hair removal/reduction in Islamabad

Lasers treatment is Islamabad is a common treatment. Almost all dermatologists in Islamabad are providing this treatment. Who is providing the best care and expertise? Hair removal laser is one of the most common skin aesthetic procedures. After Botox, filler, and skin peel, hair removal laser is a very popular treatment in any dermatology practice. However, it is not a simple procedure by any means. There are a lot of questions and apprehension on the patient’s mind when they come for this treatment.

The first question I am always is asked Is this a hair removal procedure or Hair reduction procedure? I always say it works in both ways. If used for a prolonged period of time then it can get a significant reduction of hair density and thickness.

How many sessions for the hair removal procedure?

Normally one session every month for at least six months and then perhaps two to three sessions every year for a few years will give a significant reduction in hair density.

Is hair removal laser beneficial?

Yes of course. There is no match in terms of treatment benefits as compared to other hair reduction treatments like waxing, threading, etc. Its effects last for long and treatment is very effective. However, an important thing to remember is what type of laser is being used and who is operating the machine. Since hair removal machine is a complex machine. If not a properly trained doctor is operating this machine then it can give an opposite problem of hair thickness and an increase in hair density. Similarly, if old technology is used then it cannot give optimal results as compared to most recent hair laser machines.

Which machine and whom to choose for hair removal?

Always ask for ND:YAG long pulsed 1064nm machine. This is the only medical device which has superior results as compared to other devices like IPL, which is used by most salons and spa. A diode is another machine being used but results are far inferior to ND: YAG.

It is always important to ask who is operating the machine. A non-trained medical technician or even doctor with no training in laser photonics will never give you optimal results. There is no such course being offered in Pakistan currently. Perhaps this factor is more important than selecting your clinic/machine because even ND:YAG in un-trained hands is not going to give you any results. So the bottom line is to ask which machine is used and who is using that machine. It is your right to ask for these details because you are paying a price for this treatment. We frequently see laser burns on the face because non trained doctor/technician used a new machine and could not estimate the energy needed for each area and thickness of hair.

Is it a painless procedure?

It is virtually a painless procedure but one feels like a rubber band strinking on skin. It all depends on how your pain threshold is.

Laser hair removal cost in Islamabad and Pakistan

It starts from 6000 onwards per session. It can go less depending on the area treated. The lesser the are and the less is the price and vice versa.

What is downtime/recovery time for hair removal laser in Islamabad?

It is an office procedure and practically no down time. However, some people have mild redness which clears in a couple of hours.

FAQ question regarding hair removal lasers in Islamabad

What we offer in our clinic?

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