acne scar treatment


Acne scars are always a problem to counter. This is because treatments currently offered do not get your skin back to its former glory. However, that’s not the case in our clinic. We are offering different treatment for acne scars and the satisfaction rate in our clinic is very high. This is because Dr. Ali is has trained in some of the best skin hospitals in United Kingdom. We offer a micro-needling, Scarlet, scar subcision, scar excision, scar remodelling, filler, intralesional steroid injection, TCA70% peel as treatment options for scars. All these treatments will improve your box, rolling, ice pick, and some hypertrophic scars.
Visit our website for further details or call. Remember acne scars decrease your confidence and don’t let yourself down just because of the scars.

Our expertise in the management of acne scars are very high. Feel free to call us on 0312-1239007