Alopecia (Hair loss)

Hair loss is one of the most common presentation in dermatology clinics. Its most prevalent condition after  age of 40 in men and after 50 in women. There are many different reasons for hair loss but most common cause of hair loss in androgenetic alopecia. It is genetic hair loss with influence of male hormones.

Other types of hair loss are either non scarring or scarring alopecia. In simple words patients of non scarring alopecia grow back hair in most cases while in scarring alopecia due to destruction of the root of the hairs, regrowth is not possible. Again there are some exceptions!!

If you develop alopecia make sure to consult a dermatologist with expertise in hair disorders as most clinicians and even dermatologist find it difficult to diagnose alopecia correctly. Get yourself diagnosed correctly and then get the right treatment.

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