Dr. Ghazanfar Ali is world renowned and well-published dermatologist in islamabad Pakistan. He has trained and worked in the best University hospitals in the United Kingdom. He is currently actively working in National health service in the UK. He is currently the only UK trained dermatologist working in Pakistan with CCT (certificate of completion of training) in Dermatology. CCT is considered by the General medical council of UK(GMC) to be the highest in the field of dermatology enabling a doctor to work as a full-time consultant.  There is a lot that makes him the top dermatologist in Islamabad. He worked on laser Technology there and after doing the practice he came back to Pakistan and introduced laser Technology in Pakistan and known as the Top Hair Removal Laser Treatment in Islamabad.

  1. ND: YAG hair removal machine
    Our latest ND: YAG 1064nm hair removal laser is much more reliable than most of the lasers available in the market. Its unique feature offering hair removal for fine and thick hair simultaneously. The procedure is very comfortable and tolerated well by the patients.
  2. Hair removal via laser technology is one of the most common procedures of cosmetic clinics. Very few clinicians know its actual use and the physics surrounding the procedure. Unfortunately, its use has become common and we see a lot of side effects secondary to its use.
  3. Most commonly ND: YAG(neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) with a wavelength of the 1064nm laser is used for hair removal. It has the potential for reaching the deeper layer of the skin.
  4. Lasers work by emitting a wavelength of high energy light, which when focused on a certain skin cell will then alter their characteristics and subsequently destroy them.
  5. Hair removal is via laser mechanism is one of the easiest procedure with minimal downtime. It is almost painless and results are far superior to any other procedure. Another laser called Q-switch is also used but the results are not superior to normal ND: YAG.
  6. We are proud to offer this service to our clinic. Our patient’s satisfaction ratio is very high and you don’t have to wait for hours to get this five-minute procedure done as we are proud to be very punctual in our timings. We are aware that your time is precious!!