Golf and skin problems

golf and skin problems

My purpose of this blog is make Golfer aware of possible skin condition they might develop in future and ways to protect as well.
Are you a pro or novice golfer? Whatever is your status you need to understand that this sport offer not just thrill and exercise but comes with a package of different skin diseases. The reason is very clear that a Golfer walks outdoor in sunny weather for few hours a day. He walks in the fairway, rough, and the green. Walking alone for such a long time can present with different problems. As a dermatologist I tend to see a quite few problems emanating from this sport. Perhaps one has to make awareness of these different diseases to make sure golfers remain safe during their sport.

   Skin Cancer risks in Golf !

Skin cancer and pre cancerous skin diseases arising from prolong exposure to UV light is a major concern worldwide. It is very important to cover properly and to use sunblock. Exposure of such magnitude of intense heat and UV light is almost equal to sunbathing at a beach. Most common skin cancers developing in Golfers are Basal cell cancers and squamous cell cancers(deadly). However there are very frequent reports of development of Melanoma (deadly skin cancer) in golfers as well.

          What to do to reduce this risk?

Hence my advice is always to cover up and use plenty of sunblock. If any mole is changing in size, shape and colour then get it checked early to avoid late complications of skin cancers.

melanoma and golf

Basal cancer


  What else you get in Golf?

Sometimes a rash which is mostly due to prolonged standing in intense heat can develop on the lower legs. Golfers vasculitis is a rare condition but can present mostly in summers. It is mostly self limiting and clears mostly with out any intervention. However some time I need to use medicines for the same.

     Lastly your gloves!!

Golfers gets rashes due to use of gloves which are mostly made of leather, are commonly reported and a reason for frequent patch testing for the same. This is contact dermatitis to leather and chemicals used in its preparation causes dermatitis due to frequent contact. This condition needs careful attention to the type of gloves being used and may need creams etc.
I see boils and skin infection due to insect bites more frequently on the legs and fore arms. Again wearing shorts and half sleeve shirts don’t help in these conditions.

I hope my blog will raise a bit of awareness of skin care among Golfers. I hope this blog may help save some lives in Pakistan.