Acne in Children

This kind of problem in dermatology is slightly uncommon however its not a rare problem. Normally I see such cases in my paediatric dermatology clinic.

It is worrying for new mothers as they don’t want their newborn to suffer from acne with scars on their face.

If it starts during first 6 weeks of age then its called neonatal acne. However reassuringly we do not encounter any scars with this kind of acne. Having said that I do see some patients who end up with scars, rather a rare encounter though. Its caused by maternal androgen(male) hormones.

Any acne after 6 weeks to 1 year of age is called infantile acne. This is again due to hormones causing scarring more often than neonatal acne.

We do not investigate acne in kids in most cases however in some cases investigation is required. However some resistant cases may need further endocrine evaluation as well.

Treatment of such cases is slightly different from managing adult or teenage acne and most dermatologist do not have the expertise to deal with such cases as they do not see young patients of that age.

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