Acne Scars and its treatment

acne scars types

acne scars treatment

How common is this problem?

A very common problem which is encountered in our clinic very commonly. It’s a consequence of the neglect of acne and its treatment. Unfortunately, its treatment is a big challenge. We recommend consulting a professional dermatologist in the first instance for better management of acne before one gets its scar. Treating scars is an expensive job as it involves treatment with physical modalities like lasers, peels, fillers, skin surgery, and many more.

What is the treatment of Acne scar?

Unfortunately, there is hardly any cream know which can improve acne scars. If you think you are worried about acne scars please contact islamabaddermatologist.com. Dr. Ghazanfar Ali has special expertise in managing acne scars with the help of peels, lasers, and fillers.

We are practicing ethical practice and offer the best care for skin disease according to international guidelines. Our aim is to treat acne and prevent scars. We can treat the most difficult acne scars(ice pick scars).

Types of Acne scars

Different types of scars in acne are

Box scars

Ice pick scars



Dr. Ghazanfar Ali who is the best skin specialist in Islamabad will offer you a wide variety of treatment options depending upon your acne scar and its type. As he has a special interest in acne and its scar management you will feel comfortable being managed by one of the best dermatologists and specialists in this field.

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