Acne-Islamabad dermatologist
Treatment of acne is becoming standardised slowly following consensus statements from different dermatological organisation and societies. However its important to remember few important points before one starts treating acne with the help of medications.

1: Acne can be cleared completely without scars being formed if treated by well trained dermatologist.
There are some questions being asked about acne by most patients and I would like to clarify those myths.
Diet and Acne: There is no conclusive evidence yet that any particular diet can affect or cause acne. However some diets are reported to be making acne worse including drinking too much milk, excess of oily food, and food with high glycemic index i;e too much sugars.
Working in hot and humid condition can also make acne worse.
External oils and too much application of foundations and make up can also cause acne and block pores.
Nicotine causes oil to retain in the glands and cause the pores to get blocked hence acne is worsened.
If one scratch acne it causes more scars hence treatment is further complicated.
These are few tips however message from this blog is that get your acne treated at the right time by the dermatologist in Islamabad who has the knowledge and skill to prevent formation of scars.
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