Dark circles under eyes

Dark Circles under eyes is a very common complaint among Asian women I see regularly in my Pakistan clinic as compared to my UK based clinics. Is it really a skin problem or the problem lies beneath the skin.

So far most common reason for dark circles is fatigue. Again this is debatable but over work, and too much time  in front screens which also includes mobile screens is a major factor.

Poor sleep hygiene is also an important reason for this problem. Late sleepers do come across this problem more frequently. Other skin related problems causing dark circles includes

Dermatitis around eyes( Again this is caused by many allergens! but can be genetic atopy)

Hay fever which is associated with dermatitis can be a cause of dark circles

Racial pigmentation which can be hereditary is another reason for this problem

Excessive UV(Sun) exposure can result in dark pigmentation around eyes

However, having said that most commonly we see thinning of skin around eyes secondary to loss of collagen and fat in the skin layer, resulting in visualisation of background blood vessels(vein, which carry deoxygenated blood with blue colour) which gives this area a dark colour.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Treatment is all depending upon the cause. It is recommended to visit a trained best skin specialist/best dermatologist  Dr Ghazanfar Ali in Islamabad who has dealt with this condition not just once but multiple times before deciding any treatment for this problem.

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