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Facial Rash

As a dermatologist I come across a lot of patient who presents with facial redness and rash which is wrongly diagnosed mostly by local doctors or even non dermatologist. Perhaps its important that I highlight most important reasons for facial rashes and redness as misdiagnosis means wrong treatment and wrong creams over the face can make things worse.

Face dermatitis is the most common reason for redness and itching. Most common reason can be atopic dermatitis but contact and irritant dermatitis can also cause facial eczema/dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis is genetic however environmental trigger can make things worse for atopic patients.
Its important that you consult your dermatologist at the very onset of facial rash as this may result in better results and good control from very beginning.
Rosacea is another common reason for redness of face. It is associated with brining sensation with exposure to sunlight.
Psoriasis can also present with red scaly patches on forehead, hair line and other areas.
Seborrheic dermatitis causes redness over the T-zone of face with mild scaly redness around nose, beard area and central forehead.
The is list is not exhausted as there are many other reasons for rashes on face.
All these conditions are very different from each other in their management.
One has to consult a dermatologist is Islamabad right from the beginning to manage these condition by the right expert.
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